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 +==== 3.3.3. Enable the Notification Listener stored procedure ====
 +After the Notification Listener configuration is done you need to enable the stored procedures in the stored procedure of SAP named “PMX_TransactionNotification”.
 +This step is only necessary if you intend to use the SB1 Notification Listener.
 +  * To do this open “SQL Server Management Studio” and connect to your database server.
 +  * Expand the “Databases” folder and locate the **PMX database** (not the Company database) to which you want to apply the Produmex Add-on.
 +  * Open this database directory and open the “Programmability\Stored Procedures” subdirectory.
 +  * Locate the “dbo.PMX_SP_TransactionNotificationQueue” stored procedure, right-click it and select “Modify”. ​
 +{{ :​implementation:​install:​installguide:​notification_listener_stored_procedure_01.png?​nolink |}}
 +Locate the “Produmex SboNotification Queue Code” at the end of this stored procedure (see illustration below)
 +Copy the “Produmex SboNotification Queue Code”.\\
 +This code should now be pasted in the “PMX_SP_TransactionNotification” stored procedure, in the **Company database**. Modify this stored procedure in the same way you modified the PMX_SP_TransactionNotificationQueue
 +{{ :​implementation:​install:​installguide:​notification_listener_stored_procedure_03.png?​nolink |}}
 +Paste the “Produmex SboNotification Queue Code” at the end of it, right after the code you have copied for the Produmex Addon stored procedure (see "​Enable the standard PMX stored procedure"​).
 +Afterwards you need to uncomment the SP by clicking the “uncomment” button in SQL management studio.\\
 +The end result should look like this:
 +After these modifications. Execute the PMX_SP_TransactionNotification stored procedure.
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