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-===== 3.1. Starting a fresh installation ​=====+===== 3.1. Set up the Produmex Suite Installer ​=====
-The steps below detail ​the initial setup of the Produmex ​Suite Installer. This configuration can be saved and reused for upgrades and it can also be modified. Please see section ​[[implementation:wms:​install_pdmx_suite#​adding_a_new_database_to_an_existing_installation|6Adding a new database to an existing installation]].+1. Download ​the correct version ​of the Produmex ​Installation Zip file to your computer from [[​PmxVersions.php?​p=WMS|here]].
 +  * 32 bit: Produmex_WMS_x_x_
 +  * 64 bit: Produmex_WMS_x_x_
 +Note: It is not possible to mix the two versions in one environment. Make sure that you either use the 32 bit or the 64 bit version of the software per environment.
 +2. Extract the file to a directory (preferably with the same name as the version number, e.g. {driveletter}:​\Produmex_WMS_523). ​
 +Note: It is not recommended to extract the file within the {driveletter}:​\Program Files directory as this might cause interference with installed components later. ​
 +Recommended step: Keep this directory on a shared folder accessible from all servers. That way you can use the same configuration when you install and upgrade multiple components on separate systems (e.g.: an SAP server and a terminal server). ​
 +3. Locate the directory of the Produmex Suite Installer (e.g. Produmex_WMS_XXX.x64\9.3\ProdumexSuiteInstaller) and execute the .exe. Make sure that you have administrator privileges when executing this application. ​
 +4. After launching the .exe file, the End User Licence Agreement window opens. Produmex WMS can only be installed if the License Agreement is accepted.
 +{{ :​implementation:​install:​boyum:​1._license_agreement.png |License Agreement}}
 +The system proceeds to the Produmex Suite Installer and you can start the configuration of the General tab.
 {{page>​implementation:​wms:​install_generaltab}} {{page>​implementation:​wms:​install_generaltab}}
 {{page>​implementation:​wms:​install_servertab}} {{page>​implementation:​wms:​install_servertab}}
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