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-===== 3.2Component configuration ​=====+===== 3.3Configure components ​=====
-Componentsthat have an active ''​Config''​ button after they have been installed, have their own configuration that needs to be set up+This section describes the configuration of the Produmex Toolsthe Produmex License Server and the Produmex SB1 Notification Listener.
-Click on the ''​Config''​ button on the corresponding line to start the component configuration.+The configuration of each component can be started by clicking ​the ''​Config''​ button on the corresponding line. 
-{{ :​implementation:​install:​installguide:4._component_configuration.png |Component configuration}}+{{ :​implementation:​install:​boyum:14._configuring_components.png |Configuring Components}}
 {{page>​implementation:​wms:​install_toolsconfig}} {{page>​implementation:​wms:​install_toolsconfig}}
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