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-====== ​6. Adding a new database ​to an existing installation ​ ​====== +====== ​5. Adding a New Database ​to an Existing Installation ​ ​======
-To modify the existing configuration or to add a new database, follow these steps:+
-===1. Add new connection=== +This section describes ​the steps of adding ​a new database ​to an existing installation.
-Go to the General tab of Produmex Suite Installer.  +
-  * To add a new database, click on the green + button. Set the connection details as described in: [[implementation:​wms:​install_generaltab|3.1.1. General tab]] +
-  * To modify the connection of an already set database, change the configurations+
-//It is recommended to test the SBO and the direct connection before continuing by clicking on the ‘Test’ buttons.//​ +1. Start the Produmex Suite Installer ​and go to the General tab
-  +
-{{ :​implementation:​wms:​installation:​5.addnewdatabase.png |Add new connection}}+
-===2. Go the tab of the server === +2. Click on the green + button and set the connection details (see section [[implementation:​wms:​install_generaltab|3.1.1. General ​tab]]).
-Go to the tab of the server you would like to connect the database.+
-{{ :​implementation:​wms:installation:6.updateserver.png |Update connection string}} +{{ :​implementation:​install:boyum:39._adding_a_new_database.png |Adding a New Database}}
-  +
-===3. Update connection string=== +
-Press the ’Update connection string’ button. The connection strings assigned to the selected environment will be added to every configuration file that belongs to that environment.+
-The connection ​strings will be added to the following configuration files: +3. Test the SBO and the direct ​connection ​by clicking on the ''​…test…''​ buttons. ​
-  * Produmex Tools configuration +
-  * Produmex License Server Configuration +
-  * Produmex ScaleComm Configuration +
-  * Produmex Fat Client Configuration+
-{{ :​implementation:​install:​installguide:​updateconn_03.png |}} +4Go to the tab of the server you want to connect the database to
-  +
-//Please note: Already added connection strings will not be removed from the configuration files.//+
 +5. Click the ''​Update Connection String''​ button. ​
-===4Run database upgrade=== +{{ :​implementation:​install:​boyum:​40._update_connection_string.png |Updating Connection String}}
-Run the database upgrade on the new database+
-On the tab of the server select the ‘Produmex Tools’ component and click on the ‘Config’ button. On the opening Produmex Tools form select the new database and click on the ‘Run’ button+The connection strings assigned to the selected environment are added to every configuration file that belongs to that environment
-For more information please see[[implementation:​wms:install_pdmx_suite#​produmex_tools_configuration|3.2.1. Produmex tools configuration]]+{{ :​implementation:​install:installguide:​updateconn_03.png ​|Updating Connection String in Configuration Files}}
-===5Adjust stored procedures===+Note: Already added connection strings are not removed from the configuration files
-For more information about enabling ​the stored procedures please ​see[[implementation:​wms:​install_pdmx_suite#​adaptation_of_stored_procedures|Adaptation of stored procedures]]+6. Click on the ''​Config''​ button of the Produmex Tools and run the Produmex Database Upgrade tool on the new database (see section ​[[implementation:​wms:​install_toolsconfig|3.3.1. Configuring the Produmex Tools]]).
-It’s important to check if the references between the company database/​schema and the Produmex database/​schema are set correctly and are pointing to the right database.+7. Adjust stored procedures (see section [[implementation:​wms:​install_storedprocedures|3.4. Adaptation of stored procedures]]). 
 +8. Check if the references between the company database/​schema and the Produmex database/​schema are set correctly and are pointing to the right database. ​
 Check the following stored procedures: Check the following stored procedures:
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-===6Assign Add-on Loader=== +9Check if the Add-On Loader is assigned to the new company database.
-Make sure that the Add-On Loader is assigned to the new company database.+
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