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Shelf life reception
The minimum number of days a product will have to remain sellable from the moment the system receives the product into inventory (prior to the product’s expiry date).

Enter reason for purchase return
Indicates whether a reason has to be specified when returning a purchased item.

Default quality status for reception
This is the default quality status when receiving the item in question.

Released quality status for reception
The released quality status for reception. This is only used for the ‘Quality status for reception by batch’ controller. When the system receives a quantity of this item of a certain batch, the system will check whether there is already a specific quantity of the same batch available with the “released quality status”. If there is such a quantity available, the system will overrule the default quality status and assign the released quality status to the received item.

Expiry def. for reception
Allows to specify the expiry definition for reception as defined in the User Defined Table “PMX_EXDE” – Expiry Definitions

Purchase barcode type
If the purchase barcode differs from the main barcode, the type of this barcode can be filled in. The possible values are: GTIN-14 (GS1 Global Trade Item Number) or a free code. If the user enters a GTIN-14 code, the system verifies whether this is a correct barcode (according to the GS1 rules).

Purchase barcode
Contains the purchase barcode if it is different from the main barcode.

Create SSCC on reception
If checked the system will automatically generate an SSCC on reception if no SSCC was scanned. If unchecked, no SSCC will be created and stock can be manipulated without reference to the SSCC.
If multiple items are received, and at least one of them requires an SSCC, the system will create one.
If no SSCC is created at reception, no put away order will be generated. Items need to be moved through ad hoc movement.
If the items is configured as a serial number, with track location on, this setting needs to be ticked.

Print label at reception
Set whether item labels need to be printed at reception for this item.

Sample quantity
Defines the quantity (in inventory uom) of the sample that should be sent back for inspection. The sample generator will use this quantity to generate the sample order (Sales order). The generation of the actual sample order is done through the SboNotificationListener.

Weight capture from scale needed
Set whether the item must be weighed during the reception or not.

Purchase remarks pop-up
Is set to true, the text in the purchase remarks is shown as a pop-up when using this item in a purchase document in SAP.

Purchase remarks
The purchase remarks to be shown when selecting the item in a purchase document in SAP.

Grid: Released quality status reception by supplier
Produmex offers the possibility to define a default quality status on reception per supplier. Enter the supplier card code and select the quality status from the dropdown list.

This option is used in the ‘Reception’ and the ‘Receive from WHS’ flows if the QS reception controller on company is set to the ‘Gets the quality status for reception’ extension.

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