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 +====1.1. Global information====
 +Once a wave is selected on the scanner, all the pick lists in the wave go through a process to allocate the stock to an item detailed level. This means the stock is locked on the location. \\
 +Pick list lines that have a location allocated, will get the status ‘ready’.
 +Stock allocation on detailed level is only done for pick locations. \\
 +Stock on a bulk location (Non-pick location) cannot be taken to pick. \\
 +Also keep in mind that the stock details from the proposal are copied.
 +//So for example: If on the proposal a certain LUID is locked, the pick list can only take stock for this LUID. This is the same for a batch. The pick list will only allocate for locations where the batch on the proposal is stored.//
 +There are some exceptions to allow the picking on bulk locations: Full pallets can be picked from a bulk location, if this has been configured.
 +**Not ready** //​('​N'​)//:​ The pick list has been created, but there is no locking done on detail level. \\
 +**Partially ready** //​('​A'​)//:​ Some of the lines still do not have locking on detailed level. \\
 +**Ready** //​('​R'​)//:​ All the lines have locking on detailed level. \\
 +**Partially picked** //​('​I'​)//:​ Some lines are picked \\
 +**Picked** //​('​P'​)//:​ All lines are picked \\
 +**Partially packed** //​('​T'​)//:​ Some lines are packed \\
 +**Packed** //​('​K'​)//:​ All lines are packed \\
 +**Partially shipped** //​('​L'​)//:​ Some lines have been shipped //(Pmx sales shipping)//​\\
 +**Shipped** //​('​S'​)//:​ All lines have been shipped //(Pmx sales shipping)//​\\
 +**Partially delivered** //​('​E'​)//:​ Some lines have been delivered \\
 +**Closed** //​('​C'​)//:​ All lines are closed. Either by closing the pick list or shipping all goods. \\
 +**Force Close** //​('​F'​)//:​ This is done when an operator does not count the number of collis correctly \\
 +In case a movable location is used to pick on, the lines that are picked will be in status ‘Picked’. The users need to go through the packing flow to pack the items. \\
 +When no movable location is used, the picked lines get the status ‘Packed’,​ because the users will not go through the packing flow. \\
 +An exception to this rule is when the option ‘Always status picked?’ is set to true on the Pick list type table //(For more explanation see [[implementation:​wms:​plty|Produmex pick list types (PMX_PLTY)]])//​
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