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 +=== Shelf life per country and business partner (PMX_CSSL)===
 +A list of default shelf lives per business partner and country.\\
 +These shelf lives are taken into account for items where no shelf life per business partner and country is defined on the item master data. They have however precedence over the general shelf lives defined on the item master data.\\
 +You can enter a shelf life for either just a customer, or just a country, or a combination of both a customer and a country.
 +**//​Code//​** \\
 +The code.
 +**//​Name//​** \\
 +The name.
 +**//Country code//** \\
 +The country code (from table OCRY).
 +**//Card Code//** \\
 +The card code of the business partner.
 +**//Shelf life//** \\
 +The shelf life in days.
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