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-======9. Best practices======+======Best ​Practices======
-{{page>​customreports}} +=====1. Custom reports===== 
 +When creating custom reports, based on a default report, it is best to rename the reports, to avoid it to be overwritten after an upgrade. 
 +When the default stored procedure provided by Produmex needs to be extended, it is also best to rename the stored procedure. Otherwise the changes will be overwritten after upgrading, or running the update database tool. 
 +=====2. Cached data===== 
 +Some master data is cached by Produmex. This is done to avoid to query this information each time this is needed, thus improving the performance. 
 +So when making changes to item master data, organizational structure, … the add-on and device applications should be restarted. 
 +=====3. Reception===== 
 +====3.1. SSCC on label not in stock==== 
 +When receiving items on the scanner, the system will book the receipt in one time for all registered logistic units. \\ 
 +But the system cannot print the logistic labels at the end, because then it is not clear for what physical logistic unit the label is printed. //(If 10 logistic units are received, it would mean that the system prints out 10 SSCC labels at the end)// 
 +This is why the SSCC label is printed after the logistic carrier is registered, but before the receipt is booked into the system. \\ 
 +If now the receipt fails for some reason, you have logistic units with SSCC labels, but they are not in stock. \\ 
 +When scanning these SSCC’s, the system will throw an error. 
 +**Solution** \\ 
 +The user needs to redo the receipt. The labels that have been printed by the system can be used to scan when creating the delivery.
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