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3.1. Create weigh order in the office

Create a weight order from the production order by clicking on the ‘Create weigh order’ button. A weigh order will be created if the following verifies:

  • The production order is released
  • The product has a Weigh strategy defined on the Produmex Production tab of the Item Master Data
  • There is at least one component with the ‘Weighing needed?’ setting enabled on the production order line.

Every component that needs to be weighed will be added to the weigh order.

If the production order line has a Weigh order batch quantity value greater than 1, the production order line will be split into multiple weighing order lines. The number of lines is defined by the Weigh order batch quantity value. The quantity to weigh will be split onto equal parts. The split quantities are rounded to the number of decimals specified for the product.

Weigh order

  • Item code and description: The item code and description of the product.
  • Weigh strategy: The weigh strategy of the product.
  • Weighing room: Assign the weighing room to the weigh order by selecting it from the dropdown list. Every weighing room from the warehouse of the production order that matches the weigh strategy of the product will be listed alphabetically. The default weighing room is the first room on the list.
  • Number: The document number of the order.
  • Status: The status of the order.
  • Priority: The order The order priority.
  • Due date: The due date of the weigh order. The due date of the weigh order is the same as the due date of the production order.
  • Production order: The base production order.


  • Item code and description: The item code and description of the material that has to be weighed.
  • Quantity to weigh: The quantity that has to be weighed based on the planned quantity on the production order.
  • Picked quantity: The quantity that is already weighed.
  • Open quantity: the quantity that still needs to be weighed.
  • UoM: The unit of measurement of the item defined on the Produmex Inventory tab of the Item Master Data.

Weigh order

Weigh orders can be opened in the following ways:

  • To see the open weigh order linked to the production order, click on the View > Open weigh order button on the production order.
  • To see every open weigh order, go to the Weigh order screen of the Open Document Reports.
  • Select Weigh orders from Produmex > Production to open the Weigh order form.

Click on the icon on the Menu Bar to refresh the screen.

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