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To see the weighing results, print the weighing report. The weighing report contains the following:

  • Weigh order details
  • Weighed quantity, UoM and the user who performed the weighing
  • Overrule task and the user who performed it

Go to the weighing order or select it on the Weighing reports tab of the Open documents report.

Press the Print button. On the opening screen select the report type and the printer. Only ‘Weigh order’ type reports set for the company can be selected.

  • To see the preview of the report, press the Preview button. The report preview will be opened in SAP Business One.
  • To print the report, press the Print button. The report will be printed with the selected printer.
  • To close the window, press the Cancel button.

The default report is DefaultWeighOrder.rpt.
The input parameter of the report is @weighOrderDocEntry.

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