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2. Configuration

It is recommended to avoid the asterisk (*), pipe (|) and apostrophe (’) characters in Produmex or SBO master data because these characters have a special role in Produmex products.

Make sure that conversions between the units of measurements are set up correctly on the Units of Measure - Setup (OUOM) and Weight- Setup (OWGT) SBO standard tables.

2.1. Weighing room

Set up the weighing room in the Organizational Structure.

2.2. Scale

After you set up the weighing room, define the scales of the weighing room under the room. One scale can only belong to one weighing room.

2.3. Authorizations

Certain actions can only be performed if the user has authorization.

The following actions require authorizations in the Weighing flow:

  • Switching the scale (Authorization Code: Weigh order: Overrule switch scale)
  • Weighing outside the tolerance range (Authorization Code: Weigh order: Overrule weigh)

Authorizations can be linked to a Produmex user group on the Link usergroup to authorization UDT. Add the user to the user group on the Pmx User group UDF of the Users-Setup screen.

2.4. Set weighing strategy for the product

Define the weighing strategy of the product on the Produmex Production tab of the Item Master Data. The weighing strategy assigned for the product defines which weighing rooms can be used for weighing the components of the product.

2.5. Configure the components to be weighed

Configure the components to be weighed on the Bill of Materials or on the production order.

  • Set the ‘Weighing needed?’ value to Yes for components that needed to be weighed.
  • To split the quantity to be weighed into multiple the weigh order lines, add the number of lines to the Weigh order batch quantity field.
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