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 +=====Version 18.4.=====
 +[[http://​​PmxVersions.php?​p=MAN|Download Version 18.4]]
 +<WRAP round info>
 +**Tested SAP B1 versions**
 +  * SAP B1 9.2 PL11 (MSSQL 2012, 2016, HANA 122.05)
 +  * SAP B1 9.3 PL05 (MSSQL 2016, HANA 122.16)
 +//Note: Older and newer SAP B1 versions will usually also work, but haven'​t been specifically tested in this version.//
 +<WRAP round important>​Before the upgrade, please check the [[implementation:​manufacturing:​releasenotes|release notes]] of the intermediate versions between the current version and the version you would like to upgrade to.</​WRAP>​
 +===New Functions===
 +Basic Multibranch support:
 +  * Validation of Production Order and Bill of Materials is extended with checking branch of all warehouses
 +  * New configuration setting is introduced for defining validation level of BoM warehouses
 +  * Outsourcing:​ Inventory Transactions are adjusted
 +  * PDC: Branch of an employee and bin locations are checked and used for PDC booking
 +  * MRP Pegging Information Screens are extended with Branch column
 +  * MRP Wizard accepts only Company inventory source if Produmex MRP is selected
 +  * **15877** - Production Line CFL error from Production Management Cockpit - solved problem with SFR loading
 +  * **15810** - Job Requirement Report shows no data on HANA9.3 64-bit - solved
 +  * **15585** - SQL error in MTO process "An expression services limit has been reached." ​ - This "Error 8632" is an SQL server limitation. Workaround implemented:​ order recommendation query parameters (recommendation doc entries) and related OITM line params (item codes) are diveded into 10000 Pcs lists.
 +  * Recommendation/​SOL reference grouping feature needs to be reviewed.
 +  * **15356** - Syntax error or access violation in Job Requirement printing on HANA - Production order/​operation data collection added (handle missing resource allocations)
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