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 +=====Version 18.3.=====
 +[[http://​​PmxVersions.php?​p=MAN|Download Version 18.3]]
 +<WRAP round info>
 +**Tested SAP B1 versions**
 +  * SAP B1 9.2 PL11 (MSSQL 2012, 2016, HANA 122.05)
 +  * SAP B1 9.3 PL05 (MSSQL 2016, HANA 122.16)
 +//Note: Older and newer SAP B1 versions will usually also work, but haven'​t been specifically tested in this version.//
 +<WRAP round important>​
 +<color red>
 +**Important remark**
 +</​color>​ \\
 +Please note: If you are using Service Broker in addition to Produmex Manufacturing,​ upgrade both in order to be compatible with each other.
 +<WRAP round important>​Before the upgrade, please check the [[implementation:​manufacturing:​releasenotes|release notes]] of the intermediate versions between the current version and the version you would like to upgrade to.</​WRAP>​
 +===New Functions===
 +  * Supporting online and offline license retrieval from Boyum IT portal
 +  * Adding a new QC Valid Value memo field for unlimited number of QC options. This way the users have the options to define any number of valid value options for a quality parameter. In previous version this was limited to 240 characters total. (CR-135)
 +  * Sequentialy Streamlined QC Data Entry (CR-1078). This way a QC officer can enter quality parameter values quickly in a sequence without leaving the parameter value data capture screen.
 +  * The option to switch off automated layout in Produmex Manufacturing add-on forms for B1UP support. This way the buttons, fields placed on an add-on form preserved their absolute coordinate position as defined by the user.
 +  * A new option to define a minimum time gap between two PDC data entries from the same user on the same operation/​workcenter. This is to prevent unreasonable PDC booking activities. ​
 +  * BUG 14947 - SQL error in MTO SOL Picker query
 +  * BUG 15124 - Supporting Serial/​Batch Valuation Method of items
 +  * BUG 13315 - MRP: Forward Allocation doesn'​t work
 +  * BUG 13686 - MRP Result: Error on opening Pegging information
 +  * BUG 14152 - Production Order cannot be duplicated
 +  * BUG 13152 - Unable to use Resource unavailability management for employees resources
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