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 +=====Version 4.2=====
 +  * **The functions PMX_FN_GenerateGS1Barcode and PMX_FN_GenerateGS1BarcodeDigit have changed. 2 additional parameters have been added to the functions to pass the weight in Kg and number of decimals.\\
 +This means that custom made labels that use 1 of these functions will need to be adjusted to pass the 2 additional parameters. The values to pass can be NULL.**
 +  * Organizational structure: SSCC data update has been separated from other company updates. The SSCC data can be updated by the button on the tab page of the SSCC.
 +  * Packing: Show ingredient by sales BOM.
 +  * Limitation on stock lines on production manager is now configurable on the ProductionController
 +  * Added batch attributes.
 +Batch attribute types can be defined on UDT @PMX_BATT\\
 +On item master data screen batch attribute types can be linked.\\
 +During purchase receipt on a device, the batch attributes are asked when a new batch, batch2, BBD combination is received.
 +  * Directly call Pmx inventory report through right clicking the item code on a grid. This can be used on marketing documents, inventory transfer, production order.
 +  * Stock selector for Sales delivery, Purchase return, Goods issue, Production issue, Sales invoice. This will add the data to the corresponding UDF’s, and handle the pipe (|) functionality. This screen only gets the completely free stock.
 +  * Nested SSCC: This first version of nested SSCC allows the user to create a master SSCC through the ad hoc move flow for multiple SSCC’s. Those master SSCC’s can be moved through the ad hoc move flow. On ad hoc picking flow a master SSCC can be scanned.
 +  * Picking for production: Enhanced functionality to calculate when stock cannot be used, based on the BBD. On the BOM and PRD lines a new field has been added to set how the BBD calculation should be done.
 +  * Production batches: When producing a production batch on the production flow, the system will force the user to enter the issued quantities when going to the next production batch. The current batch is stored on the issue line: IGE1.U_PMX_PRDB.
 +  * Pmx sales shipping: Added extra columns to open document screen.
 +  * Improved performance on warehouse transfer with serial numbers with track location.
 +  * Ad hoc picking: Allow to pick from bulk locations. This can be enabled on the PickListController.
 +  * Ad hoc moves: Alternate way of returning to a screen after ad hoc move has been performed. This can be set on the MoveController.
 +  * Perform move from inventory report: When only 1 inventory line is selected, it is possible to enter the quantity. This allows the user to move a partial quantity.
 +  * Quality status change: When only 1 inventory line is selected, it is possible to enter the quantity. This allows the user to change the quality status for partial quantities.
 +  * Delivery: Added possibility to make a delivery from the pick list screen in SAP. The pick list needs to be in status ‘Ready’. There cannot be an item with serial numbers in the pick list and the option to not lock stock for pick list (proposals) cannot be set.
 +  * The item label has changed. Please update custom item labels.
 +  * Catch weight: A first version of catch weight is created.
 +This allows the user to keep track of the stock in 2 uom’s. The inventory uom is pieces. The second uom is weight.\\
 +This first version only supports the entry of the total weight.
 +Supported functionality:​
 +  * Receipt
 +  * Put away
 +  * Ad hoc moves
 +  * Quality status changes
 +  * Picking
 +  * Zone picking
 +  * Multi picking
 +  * Ad hoc picking
 +  * Ad hoc picking customer collect
 +  * Mobile packing
 +  * Packing
 +  * Consolidated packing
 +  * Shipping
 +  * Easy Stock selector
 +  * Cycle count
 +  * Direct cycle count
 +  * Extended EnterPickingQuantityHookFlow:​ Expose Quantity for Uom 2. This means that customized scripts need to be adjusted to also expose this field:
 +<​code>​public ReadWriteBinder<​double?>​ QuantityUom2Entered;</​code>​
 +  * Bugfixing
 +  * Improve performance
 +  * Bugfixing.
 +  * Improve performance
 +  * Bugfixing.
 +  * Bugfixing.
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