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 +=====Version 3.9=====
 +  * Enhance barcode scanning in case of packaging types.
 +  * Added extra filter options on selecting production order on picking for production.
 +  * Allowing to pick optional components //​(Production).//​
 +  * Allow to pick for multiple customers on 1 SSCC. This can be configured on the picklist controller.
 +  * Added possibility so select a batch when receiving items with batch numbers. The list of batches will be all the batches that are currently in stock for the item to receive. This option can be configured in the PurchaseDeliveryGenerator.
 +  * Added batchnumber generator for production. Format ‘Prefix-Date-Serial’.
 +  * Added possibility to import moves from a .CSV file.
 +  * Added different back color for screens on the fat client containing menu items.
 +  * Added new main warehouse flow. The menu items on this flow are divided into smaller sections.
 +  * Added possibility to have an extra confirmation of the produced quantity when producing. This is used in the flow ‘ProductionReceiptScript’.
 +  * Bugfixes
 +  * Added support for exporting sales invoice, sales credit note, business partner.
 +  * Enhanced volume calculation for open documents – pick list proposal.
 +  * Bugfixes
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