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 +=====Version 3.8=====
 +  * Renamed the workflow BeforeAutomaticShippingHookFlow to AfterPickListPackedHookFlow.
 +  * Added possibility to lock stock for sales invoice.
 +  * Added possibility to ask for batchnumber/​BBD on production receipt flow. Configuration is done on tabpage extention parameters on company structure.
 +  * Added import/​export interfaces.
 +  * Adjusted functionality to force batches for ad-hoc picking.
 +  * Fixed bug for non partial deliveries.
 +  * Adjusted sorting on locations for ad hoc picking.
 +  * Added ability to enter SSCC's instead of LUID's on sales&​purchase goods receipts and returns.
 +  * Allowing to deliver a part of the sales bill of material.
 +  * Showing default location/​zone on ad hoc moves.
 +  * Added move order functionality.
 +  * Supporting warehousetransfers on shopfloor.
 +  * On sales document line detail screen, the data for the item is re-evaluated on re-selection of the itemcode. ​
 +  * Added multi picking flow. (Link moveable location to picklist; Pick on moveable locations; Enter the location each time).
 +  * Exclude the ‘Lost and Found’ location when creating picklist proposals.
 +  * When performing ad-hoc move onto new SSCC, a logistic carrier can now be selected.
 +  * Added possibility to block moves to a bin location if the location is not empty. Setting can be set on bin designer.
 +  * Added possibility to split op deliveries by sales document when a picklist contains multiple sales documents, or if multiple picklists are loaded at the same time. The setting can be set on the SalesDeliveryNoteGenerator. On the business partner master data the user can overrule this setting.
 +  * Fixed bug for non partial deliveries.
 +  * Added extra option on the checks flow: Check where an item is stored.
 +  * Added some kind of ‘ad hoc’ picking for production. Now it is possible to scan another SSCC to pick. If the SSCC has free stock on it, this stock can be used to pick for production. Also the possibility to first pick all items and at the end enter the destination location has been added.
 +  * Added possibility to not group similar picklists when loading a picklist.
 +  * Added extra setting on quality status for production. There are now 2 setting regarding production. There is one to allow to pick the items for production, and there is one to allow the items to be used for production.
 +  * Added search option for OSE objects.
 +  * Added support to add translation by CSV file. //​(Converting XML <> CSV)//
 +  * Keep track of printed picklists. This is shown on the opendocuments report.
 +  * On production stop for Production Manager Type ‘Consume locked stock’, the limitation of the list of items to consume is grouped by item-itri instead of just item.
 +  * Enhanced ‘Add on loader’ functionality. This should reduce the problems that are occurring because of SBO Error 100000004. If you have a version that is lower than this version, we recommend to install the new version of the ‘Add on loader’
 +  * Adjusted the goods receipt labels. **Custom made goods receipt labels and stored procedures need to be changed! ​ The stored procedure should have these parameters:​**
 +@luid int = 0, @sscc nvarchar (18),​ @itemCode nvarchar (20),
 +@quantity numeric (19,6), @bestBeforeDate datetime,
 +@batchNumber nvarchar (32), @purchaseOrderDocEntry int,
 +@cardCode nvarchar (15), @packagingTypeText nvarchar(max),​
 +@locationCode nvarchar (50), @batchNumber2 nvarchar (32),
 +@internalLuid int = 0
 +  * Added keyboard emulation on fat client form:
 +    * /k: Show keyboard (+ => Show; - => Hide)
 +    * /kp: Percentage of the height to be used for the keyboard
 +    * /​sp:​ Percentage of the width to be used to show the actual screens
 +  * When finishing a logistic unit on packing, the shipping type on the document is shown.
 +  * Added shelf life for reception on item master data. When receiving items with a BBD using the reception flow, the system will check if the entered BBD meets the required shelf life. If not, a warning is shown to the user.
 +  * Added check on the reception flow to warn user if there is a BBD in stock that expires later than the entered BBD.
 +  * Added possibility to auto create invoice after automatic shipping is done in normal picking or packing flow. Setting can be set on shipping type.
 +  * Added ASN table to store the data. The goods receipt document can also get information from this table. So printing a goods receipt label can be done without the stock being in the system yet.
 +  * Added structure to export Sales return, Goods issue, Goods receipt.
 +  * Added structure to export a second file on Sales delivery and Sales return.
 +  * Added extra locations to list of disallowed location for getting the free stock for picklist proposal.
 +  * Added possibility to print Crystal reports using the Produmex report/​print event structure. When creating the report, the user needs to select the report type ‘Crystal Reports by SAP’. On the ‘report path’ the code of the layout in SAP should be stored.
 +  * Improved performance (Replace IBT1 view)
 +  * When batchnumber is set on sales document, the batch is copied when getting alternate items on picklist.
 +  * Added new sorting on picklist proposal generator.
 +  * Added new cycle counting possibility:​ Count all full logistic units. If this count is not the same as what is defined in the system, a complete count of each SSCC is needed.
 +  * Added link to Pmx Sales Shipping on the sales delivery header.
 +  * Improved route planning screen.
 +  * Added possibility to import business partner shelf lifes, packaging types.
 +  * Added option in receipt flow: System automatically selects the Purchase order.
 +  * Added structure to create automatic payment in case invoices are created automatically.
 +  * Improved replenishment order creation
 +  * Added extra option when selecting locations to count: Take in account the settings for number of days and operations defined on the location/​controller.
 +  * Added ‘Select all’ button on the packaging screen.
 +  * Enabled waste management on default production flow. This can be configured by the production controller. //​(Extension parameters)//​
 +  * When picking full pallet, all picking information is shown instead of just SSCC and pick location.
 +  * Enhance barcode scanning in case of packaging types.
 +  * Minor bugfixes
 +  * Minor bugfixes
 +  * Enhanced volume calculation for open documents – pick list proposal
 +  * Added extra filter options on selecting production order on picking for production
 +  * Minor bugfixes
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