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 +=====Version 3.11=====
 +  * Support SBO 8.82 starts from PL06 .
 +  * Added default item master data interface. Exports all items.
 +  * Picking: Showing the SSCC on the visualiser of the item to pick.
 +  * Container functionality:​ Define container (Purchase, Sales or route) – Link document (lines). View volume/​weight/​price limitations.
 +  * Reception flow: Receive based on container.
 +  * Added pick list type on sales order / invoice. This is copied to the pick list proposal when creating the pick list proposal.
 +  * Added total price of the pick list (proposal) on the open document report.
 +  * Added possibility to add priorities. The priorities are now stored in a UDT (@PMX_PRIO).
 +  * Added SboNotification action: Create pick list proposal.
 +  * When produced quantity needs to be confirmed at the Receive From Production flow, it only needs to be done when the produced quantity deviates from ‘normal’. On the item master data there are 2 properties: Default quantity for production and Allowed deviation for production (Percentage).
 +  * Extended replenishment generation: Possibility to take in account the pick lists that need to be picked. A range in days can be added to get the pick lists to take in account.
 +  * Supporting purchase invoice at reception. On the purchase delivery not generator an option has been added to set wether purchase reserve invoices should be shown. If set to true, on the reception client the list of orders will also contain the purchase reserve invoices.
 +  * Adjusted the goods receipt labels. **Custom made goods receipt labels and stored procedures need to be changed! ​ The stored procedure should have these parameters:​**
 +@luid int = 0, @sscc nvarchar (18),​ @itemCode nvarchar (20),
 +@quantity numeric (19,6), @bestBeforeDate datetime,
 +@batchNumber nvarchar (32), 
 +@purchaseDocObjType nvarchar (20), 
 +@purchaseDocEntry int, 
 +@cardCode nvarchar (15), 
 +@packagingTypeText nvarchar(max),​ @locationCode nvarchar (50), 
 +@batchNumber2 nvarchar (32), @internalLuid int = 0
 +  * Added filter on open documents: Filter on item.
 +  * Replenishment:​ Added stock order by: FIFO or FEFO
 +  * Purchase delivery: Added possibility to block reception when receiving more than what was ordered. This setting can be set on the PurchaseDeliveryNoteGenerator.
 +  * Picking: Added possibility to auto-select the batch/BBD on picking. If set to true, the screen for selecting the batch/BBD will be skipped. This setting can be set on the PickListController.
 +  * Picking: Allow to scan an SSCC to pick on. The SSCC does not need to be in the system yet. If it is on the system, and there is stock on the SSCC, it is only allowed if this SSCC is already in use for picking. It will take in account the setting if multiple customers are allowed on an SSCC. The setting to enable this can be set on the PickListController.
 +  * Shipping: Supporting the loading of SSCC’s based on a wave.
 +  * Shipping: Support shipping flow on touch screen.
 +  * Picking: Allow to select the pickitem. This can be set on the PickListController.
 +  * All applications require .NET 3.5 Framework (SP1)
 +  * Changed the way to call sub flows. If custom script flows have been made, and they start sub flows, the new way of starting them should be implemented.
 +  * Picking: Added zone picking. After selecting the wave, the user needs to select the zone he wants to pick the items for.
 +  * Picking: Added option to consolidate the quantities to pick. So if there is a wave for multiple pick lists, and an item on a location, with the same batch, BBD, quality status, LUID is needed for multiple pick lists, the quantities are combined, instead of picking each item separately. This option can be set on the PickListController.
 +  * Supporting disassembly production orders. IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no started production orders in the system when installing this version. This could result into wrong quantities to consume.
 +  * Support import purchase delivery.
 +  * Added property to always use the inventory returnable item to add to documents. This parameter can be set on global level.
 +  * Enhanced pick list proposal creation.
 +  * Replenishment:​ Allow to take in account the quantity on pick lists that will be picked from those locations. This option can be set on the ReplenishmentGenerator.
 +  * Make selection of the accounts for cycle count processing configurable. This can be set on the CycleCountController.
 +  * Bugfixes
 +  * Added last print date on pick list header. Also in the pick operation table (PMX_PIOP) an entry is logged for the print job (PickOperationType = ‘R’).
 +  * Bugfixes
 +  * Adjusted SboNotificationListener to better handle an unavailable database.
 +  * Bugfixes
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