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6. Produmex Quality user queries

The Produmex Quality user queries have the following input parameters:

  • [%1] actionType
  • [%2] objectType
  • [%3] docEntry

6.1. Get QC data to capture

Validation before the QC capture starts. If the query has no result or the result is empty, the Quality Capture is triggered, otherwise the QC will not be triggered and the standard flow proceeds.


6.2. Add QC data

Validation after the captured data is saved. If the query has no result or the result is empty, the flow can proceed after the Quality Capture, otherwise the flow will be blocked.


6.3. Get quality status

A custom query that determines the quality status based on the captured data. The query is invoked after the quality capture data is saved.


The user query returns the following:

  • Quality status code
  • Update full batch (Y/N)

Please note: The quality status after a receipt can only be updated if the following verifies:

  • The default quality status can be transitioned into the new quality status
  • If the output location is a pick location, the quality status must be allowed on a pick location
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