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1. Installation

1.1. Produmex Suite Installer

Produmex Quality can be installed through Produmex WMS Suite installer.

Follow the steps described in Produmex WMS Installation Guide.

Install Produmex Quality before the configuration of Produmex Tools. The installation steps of Produmex Quality are identical to other Produmex components.
Go to the tab of the server. Press the ‘Install’ button on the line of Produmex Quality. For more information about installing Produmex components please see: Select required components for server

Then run the Produmex Tools configuration as described in 3.2.1. Produmex tools configuration.
Make sure that you upload the Produmex Quality file among the other Produmex Suite add-on files on the AddOnUploaderForm.

1.2. Install Add-On Loader

Install the Add-On Loader as described here: 3.4. Registering the Produmex add-on

1.3. Database setup

The system will set up the database and add the user defined fields when the add-on loader starts the first time after the installation.
A system message will open up to ask the user whether to upgrade the database or not. Click on the ‘Yes’ button to upgrade the database.

Upgrade database

Please note: On MSSQL, the system will check whether there is a backup created within an hour. If no such backup is detected, a warning will be shown and the add-on exists. Create a backup of the database then restart the add-on.

Create backup

On the next screen set up the database connection. Enter the database user name and the database password. After the DB Connection is set up, the system will upgrade the database.

DB connection setup

After the database structure has been modified, another system message is displayed. Click on the ‘Yes’ button to add the user-defined fields.

Add user defined fields

After the user-defined fields have been added, another system message is displayed. Acknowledge the message then restart SAP Business One to apply the changes.

Database upgraded

1.4. Enable Produmex Quality

Open the Organizational Structure from the Produmex module. On the General tab tick the ‘Use Produmex Quality’ checkbox in order to enable Produmex Quality. If Produmex Quality is enabled, the quality capture is triggered based on the set Quality Test Templates and the batch and resource testing workflows are accessible on the fat client.

Use Produmex Quality

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