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Licensing System

1. Request a Produmex license

For more information about requiring a license please see: Requesting a Produmex License key

2. Import Licenses

After you have received your Produmex license in an email as a .zip attachment, save it in a directory and extract it. Then, start SAP Business One and the add-on and open the Produmex License Administration form.

License Administration

Click on the ‘Import License File…’ button and browse the license file(s). The imported license files will be added to the right grid. To see the license details, go to the ‘Components’ tab. On this tab every imported license is listed. Select a license to see its details.
Please note: After the license file is imported, the system will save it. In order to remove a license file, select it on the left grid on the ‘Components’ tab then click on the ‘Delete License’ button.

Browse License

3. Terminals

Terminals have concurrent licensing meaning that licenses do not have to be assigned to a certain terminal, but instead the system will allow as many concurrent connections as the total number of terminals in the license.

Each time logging in on the terminal, the system will check whether there is a free license slot that can be allocated for the terminal.

  • If there is a free license, the system will allocate it to the terminal.
  • If there is no free license, an error message will be displayed.

After the logout, the system will deallocate the license from the terminal.

The current status of the license usage can be seen on a webpage of the Service Broker:


where the IP is the IP address and the PORT is the port number.

When Produmex Service Broker has multiple assigned databases, each database can have as many connections as in the license. For example, if you have a license for 3 terminals, and the Service Broker has 4 assigned databases, each database can have 3 connections and the total number of the potential concurrent connections is 12.

4. Required Licenses for a Produmex Operator Installation

4.1. SAP Indirect Access User license

Only one SAP Indirect Access User license is required per installation. Produmex Service Broker will use this user to create documents in SAP Business One.
Since the Produmex Service Broker is assigned to one SBO user, all SBO documents created with Produmex Operator devices are created by the same user.

Open the document to see the employee who created it. The employee name, the employee number and the production order number is added as a remark on the document. The employee number is also added to the ‘Employee ID’ UDF.

4.2. Control Panel add-on

No Produmex license is needed in order to access the Produmex Control Panel add-on.
The required SBO license depends on the SBO function the user will use to prepare documents for the Produmex application in the office environment, eg. to create production orders. Please refer to the SAP Business One official licensing documentation for more information which SBO license type is required for your installation.

4.3. Produmex Operator device

A terminal type license is needed in order to use the Produmex Operator application.
Since Produmex Operator devices have concurrent licensing, the number of the required licenses depends on the number of devices that are used concurrently.

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