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 +====== 2. Mobile Device ======
 +With Produmex PDC you can start the mobile PDC application itself. You have to start it on the client machine. ​
 +The user interface was primarily designed for industrial PCs and mobile devices. It means that the windows are not '​normal'​ windows as in any other applications. You can only move the windows with the blue frame around the window and it will not store the form settings so it always starts maximized. ​
 +All buttons have a keyboard shortcut, so if you press the keyboard shortcut it is the same as you clicked on the button. In text fields you have a keyboard icon, if you click on that or press F12, the on screen keyboard opens with which you can enter text as well.
 +If you press tab after adding the code of an employee or operation, the system automatically populates the respective fields. If you have a scanner attached, any data can be added by scanning the barcode.
 +**Main menu** \\
 +Running the Mobile PDC Client Application the user will find the Main Menu. 
 +{{ :​implementation:​bxmanuf:​pdc:​simplejob_mainmenu.png?​direct |Main Menu}}
 +On the main menu every enabled module is displayed. If only one module is enabled, the system automatically proceeds with that module and skips the main menu.
 +Click on the {{:​implementation:​bxmanuf:​pdc:​icon.png?​direct|}} icon to see the system messages.
 +{{ :​implementation:​bxmanuf:​systemmessages.png?​direct |}}
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