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 +====== 2. Review Allocations ======
 +On the Job Scheduling Control Panel the allocations are displayed on resource timelines. Based on the Data Source settings, temporary allocations for planned and recommended production orders might displayed on the board. With default settings only the allocations for released production orders are shown.
 +When using the multi-dimensional allocation strategy, timelines for supplementary resources might be displayed too.
 +Green boxes stand for empty slots. The solid color indicates a normal shift and the diagonal pattern displays overtime capacities. Resource unavailability is marked with black diagonal lines over yellow boxes.
 +Red boxes indicate permanent allocations for released production orders. Allocations for planned orders are violet and the recommended order allocations are displayed with yellow. Grey boxes indicate allocations on unlimited work centers. The operation that was scheduled for the allocation is displayed with a bar on the allocation box. The coloring of the operation bars depends on the ‘Color Mode’ setting.
 +{{ :​implementation:​bxmanuf:​jscp:​coloring.png |Coloring}}
 +From the right-click menu of an operation the following documents can be opened:
 +  * Bill of Materials
 +  * Production order and operation (for order recommendations,​ the Bill of Materials will open)
 +  * Procurement orders (for [[implementation:​manufacturing:​maketo|MTO orders]] only)
 +  * Procurement graph (for [[implementation:​manufacturing:​maketo|MTO orders]] only)
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