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 +====== 2. Produmex PDC  ======
 +With the Configuration of Produmex PDC you can set up the parameters of the PDC client. You have to do it on all clients where the software will be used.
 +===== 2.1. General tab =====
 +At the Server URL you have to set the server name or IP address and the port that is set at the service broker configuration. If you press F11 or click '​...'​ (and the Server Discovery Enable setting is turned on), then the client will look for the running service broker service on the local network. If it finds it, it will set it automatically. If there are more servers running, then you will get a list to choose from.
 +You can set the Default User if the terminal is always used by the same person. You have to enter here the employee ID. If this is filled, there is no login screen in Produmex PDC and the bookings will be created with this employee. ​
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdc_general.png | General tab}}
 +===== 2.2. Appearance tab =====
 +On the '​Appearance'​ tab you can set up the display settings for the client. With the Font Size you can define the size of the fonts that are displayed. If you have a small resolution device (ie. 800x600 or less), use small, otherwise use normal setting. ​
 +If you turn on Desktop Mode, the window will work similar to a normal desktop application (it will remember window settings, and you can move it by dragging the title bar). 
 +With the Customization Assist setting you can turn on the customization feature in the mobile application. ​
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdc_appearence.png |Appearence tab}}
 +===== 2.3. Language tab =====
 +On the '​Language'​ tab you can set the language of the mobile client that will be used on this computer. ​
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdc_language.png |Language tab}}
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