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-^Date^PMX Scan Documentation^Topic^Doc version^Change^ +===== Updated ​Documentation ​=====
-|19/​09/​2019|Release Notes|19.2 release |19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​|+
-^Date^PMX WMS Documentation^Topic^Doc version^Change+ 
-|10/10/2019|Configuration Guide / Cycle Count Controller ​Settings\\ (1) //Manually Set Price on Processing the Count// \\ (2) //Price List for Goods Issue// \\ (3) //Price List for Goods Receipt// ​|19.2|maintenance+^Date^Product^Documentation^ 
-|10/10/2019|Configuration Guide / Pick List Controller ​Express Ad Hoc Picking setting| 19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +|20 May 2020|Produmex Scan|[[implementation:scan:​recommendations|Recommendations]]
-|10/​10/​2019|Functional Guide / Ad Hoc Picking (Pick List) | Express Ad Hoc Picking function|19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +|21 May 2020|Produmex WMS|[[implementation:​wms:​icons|Produmex WSM Icons]]|
-|10/​10/​2019|Functional Guide / Ad Hoc Picking (Pick List) |Scanning GTIN (AI 02)|19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +
-|10/​10/​2019|Functional Guide / Ad Hoc Picking (Pick List) | Flow Chart |19.2|upgraded to 19.2| +
-|03/​10/​2019|Supported GS1 Application Identifiers (Main Menu) | List of supported GS1 AIs |19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +
-|16/​09/​2019|Serial Number Support Documentation (Main Menu)| Serial Number Support |19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +
-|16/​09/​2019|Installation Guide |Boyum IT logo|19.2|upgraded to 19.2| +
-|16/​09/​2019|Installation Guide / Performing a Version Upgrade |Extra PMX database|19.2|upgraded to 19.2| +
-|16/​09/​2019|Tools Guide | Hana Report Setting Tool |19.2|upgraded to 19.2| +
-|16/​09/​2019|How-to Guide | How to Migrate, Export and Import the SAP HANA Schema | 19.2 |upgraded to 19.2| +
-|16/​09/​2019|How-to Guide | How to Use the Export/​Import Wizard in SAP HANA Studio | 19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +
-|16/​09/​2019|Main Menu | Database Structure |19.2|<​wrap em>​new</​wrap>​| +
-|16/​09/​2019|Release Notes|19.2 release|19.2|<wrap em>​new</​wrap>​|+
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