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DatePMX Scan DocumentationDoc versionChange
19/09/2019Release Notes19.2new
DatePMX WMS DocumentationTopicDoc versionChange
10/10/2019Configuration Guide / Cycle Count Controller Settings:
(1) Manually Set Price on Processing the Count
(2) Price List for Goods Issue
(3) Price List for Goods Receipt
10/10/2019Configuration Guide / Pick List Controller Express Ad Hoc Picking setting 19.2new
10/10/2019Functional Guide / Ad Hoc Picking (Pick List) Express Ad Hoc Picking function19.2new
Scanning GTIN (AI 02)19.2new
Flow Chart 19.2upgraded to 19.2
03/10/2019Supported GS1 Application Identifiers19.2new
16/09/2019Serial Number Support DocumentationFunctions supporting serial numbers19.2new
16/09/2019Installation Guide Boyum IT logo19.2upgraded to 19.2
16/09/2019Installation Guide / Performing a Version Upgrade Extra PMX database19.2upgraded to 19.2
16/09/2019Hana Report Setting Tool19.2upgraded to 19.2
16/09/2019How to Migrate, Export and Import the SAP HANA Schema 19.2 upgraded to 19.2
16/09/2019How to Use the Export/Import Wizard in SAP HANA Studio 19.2new
16/09/2019Database Structure 19.2new
16/09/2019Release Notes19.2new
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