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6.10. Inventory revaluation

An additional ‘Get catch weight items’ button was added to the screen.
After clicking on this button, the grid is prefilled with catch weight items where a batch variance was detected based on the PMX_CWBV table.

An additional ‘Price by weight’ column was added to the grid.
When the valuation method of the catch weight item is ‘Moving average’ or ‘Standard’, after value has been entered in this field, the column 'New cost' will be filled up based on this calculation: {(Price by weight x total weight) / Number of pieces}.

Moving average/ Standard

When the valuation method is FIFO, then the different stock layers are displayed on the FIFO Layers grid. After a value has been entered to the ’Price by weight’ field, PMX fills the ’New Price’ field for each layer based on the calculation above. It is not possible to calculate the price by the weight for one layer only.


When the valuation method is ‘Serial/Batch’ the ‘Price by weight’ column is also added to the Serial/Batches grid. Enter a price in this ‘Price by weight’ column for each batch. It is not possible to valuate every batch by adding the new price on the top grid.


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