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 +=== Quality types (PMX_QUTY)===
 +This is the configuration of quality types that can be asked during certain processes. The recorded values are stored in the table PMX_QUVA. \\
 +Supported flows:
 +  * Reception
 +  * Bulk reception
 +  * Production
 +  * Production receipt
 +  * Disassembly
 +**//​Code//​** \\
 +The code.
 +**//​Name//​** \\
 +The name.
 +**//​Convertor//​** \\
 +The data is stored in the database as text. The system needs to know what type to convert it to. \\
 +This can be set with the convertor. \\
 +Possible values:
 +  * Int
 +  * String
 +  * Date
 +  * Double
 +  * List
 +**//​Document type//** \\
 +The document object type for this quality type. This is the ObjType from SAP. \\
 +For the moment only Purchase delivery //(=20)// and production order //(202)// are supported.
 +**//​Remarks//​** \\
 +Additional remarks. This is just informational.
 +**//​Sequence//​** \\
 +The sequence the quality type should be shown when entering the data. This is used to sort the quality types. This can be any numeric value.
 +**//Moment of capture//** \\
 +The moment of capture: When does this quality type need to be asked? \\
 +Possible values: ​
 +  * Start
 +  * End
 +**//The key for translation//​** \\
 +The key that will be used for the translation of the title. When this is not set, the system will use MSG_TITLE_QUALITY_TYPE.<​Code of the quality type>. \\
 +In case there is only 1 language in the company, a title can be entered here directly.
 +When custom quality types are added, a translation should be added to the system. This translation is used on a device when entering the quality values. \\
 +The translation node for TEMP_TRUCK looks like:
 +    <​Canceled>​False</​Canceled>​
 +    <​LocalizationKey>​MSG_TITLE_QUALITY_TYPE.TEMP_TRUCK</​LocalizationKey>​
 +    <​ApplicationTypeCode>​SLIM_SCR</​ApplicationTypeCode>​
 +    <​LocalizationProperties>​
 +      <​PmxLocalizationProperty>​
 +        <​Canceled>​False</​Canceled>​
 +        <​LocalizationProperty />
 +        <​ExtensionCode>​CONVSTR</​ExtensionCode>​
 +        <​LocalizationValues>​
 +          <​PmxLocalizationValue>​
 +            <​Canceled>​False</​Canceled>​
 +            <​LocalizationValue>​Enter the temperature of the truck</​LocalizationValue>​
 +            <​LanguageCode>​3</​LanguageCode>​
 +          </​PmxLocalizationValue>​
 +          <​PmxLocalizationValue>​
 +            <​Canceled>​False</​Canceled>​
 +            <​LocalizationValue>​Vul de temperatuur in van de vrachtwagen</​LocalizationValue>​
 +            <​LanguageCode>​16</​LanguageCode>​
 +          </​PmxLocalizationValue>​
 +        </​LocalizationValues>​
 +      </​PmxLocalizationProperty>​
 +    </​LocalizationProperties>​
 +  </​PmxLocalizationKey>​
 +The LocalizationKey starts with ‘MSG_TITLE_QUALITY_TYPE.’ \\
 +Add the code of the attribute type at the end.
 +When making a complete valid translation file to import, make sure the root tags are also added:
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"?>​
 +**//AI//** \\
 +The GS1 application identifier (AI) linked to this batch attribute.
 +On the flows batch attributes can be entered, based on the batch attributes linked to an item. When a GS1 barcode has been scanned, and a batch attribute needs to be entered with an AI, the system will check if this AI is available in the scanned barcode. If so, this value will be used and the user will not have to manually enter a value for this batch attribute.
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