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4.2.3. Quick access menu

When hovering over or pressing on the title, a downward arrow appears. Press the arrow to open the Quick Access menu. To close the menu, press the upward arrow on the bottom.

Quick Access menu

In the standard product the Quick Access menu shows the main menu buttons. The menu can be reached from any flow. When pressing a button on the menu, the user will leave the current flow and all parent flows without any warning and the system will open the selected flow.

The data registered in the current flow will be lost when clicking on a Quick Access button.


When a quick access button is pressed, the current flow will be left, and all parent flows also until there is a flow whose constructor contains the following:

 this.StopOnQuickAccessButtonClicked = true 

In the standard product the stop is added in the MainWarehouseMenuFlowScript.

ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow dictionary

To be able to show the quick menu, a configuration needs to be done on the main flow to add a list of buttons to show on the quick access menu.

The buttons shown in the quick access menu are the ones defined in the ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow dictionary. In the standard product the MainWarehouseMenuFlowScript has this configuration after the user logged on:

ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow = new Dictionary<string, string[]>();
ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow.Add("MSG_BUTTON_PURCHASE", new string[] { "MSG_BUTTON_PURCHASE" });
ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow.Add("MSG_BUTTON_SALES", new string[] { "MSG_BUTTON_SALES" });
ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow.Add("MSG_BUTTON_LOGISTICS", new string[] { "MSG_BUTTON_LOGISTICS" });
ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow.Add("MSG_BUTTON_PRODUCTION", new string[] { "MSG_BUTTON_PRODUCTION" });

This builds the list of buttons to show, and the ‘path’ to get to that flow.

ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow dictionary


It is possible to customize the Quick Access menu and show buttons one level deeper or disable quick buttons.

It is recommended to customize the Quick Access menu in a custom flow that is created based on the standard Produmex main flows. For more information about how to customize main flows please see: 5.1.13. Workflows

In the example we will add the Picking flow to the Quick access menu and disable the Purchase, Logistic and Production buttons. To add the Picking flow, insert the following after the other quick access buttons in the workflow script:

ListOfQuickAccesButtonsToShow.Add("MSG_BUTTON_PICKING", new string[] { "MSG_BUTTON_SALES",  "MSG_BUTTON_PICKING"  });

The translation key of the new button is ‘MSG_BUTTON_PICKING’.

The path to the flow is “MSG_BUTTON_SALES”, “MSG_BUTTON_PICKING”.

After the Picking button is pressed, the system leaves the current flow and all its parent flows until there is a flow with the option

 ‘StopOnQuickAccessButtonClicked’ = true 

(With default settings it is the main menu flow). Then the main menu flow will start the flow behind the “MSG_BUTTON_SALES” button. This flow contains a list of buttons. The system will start the flow behind the “MSG_BUTTON_PICKING” button that was defined in the path.

Please note: If the path does not exist, an error message will be shown.

Quick Access buttons can be disabled in the same way as other menu buttons. Please see: 5.1.13. Workflows.

If there are existing customized main flows, this functionality will not be enabled by default, because the customized flows do not contain the configuration, nor does it have the functionality to automatically proceed to the correct flow using the patch defined on the Quick Access menu.

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