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This is an old revision of the document! Interface for PMX Advance Shipping Notice importer and exporter

Interface fow ANS importer and exporter

The CSV file
The CSV file is received from a supplier and from the file goods that will be received against purchase orders and purchase invoices can be imported to SAP B1 with the help of the Produmex Interfacing Tool.

The CSV file must contain 14 columns with predefined column names that can be present in any order (see the table below).

CSV Custom Header
If the supplier sets different column names in the header of the CSV file (for example Object Type instead of ObjType, Document Number instead of DocNum, etc.), the Interfacing Tool is not be able to match the columns to the correct fields. In this case the header of the CSV file is overwritten by the CSV Custom Header.

  • If the supplier lists the columns in an order different from the default order in the CSV Custom Header field, you can change the order of the columns in the field.
  • Note: While customizing the order of the columns in the CSV Custom Header field, make sure that you do not change the column names and do not remove any value from the field.
Column name (case sensitive)Description
ObjType The object type of the document, that is, it is either a purchase order or a purchase invoice.
DocNum The document number of the purchase order/purchase invoice.
LineNum The correct line of the item in the purchase order.
ItemCode The item code of the product.
Quantity The quantity of the item to be received.
SSCC The SSCC of the logistic unit.
MasterSSCC The SSCC number of the master logistic unit.
Batch The batch number of the product.
Batch2 The second batch number of the product.
BBD The best before date of the product.
SerialNumber The serial number of the product.
UF1 User information
UF2 User information
UF3 User information
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