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1.3.4. Production

Production tab

Default quality status for production
This is the quality status that the stock gets when producing new stock. The setting overrules the general setting.

Default log. car. Production
This is the default logistic carrier for production. If this is set, the system automatically uses that logistic carrier to put the stock on.

Expiry def for production
It allows for specifying the expiry definition for production as defined in the Expiry Definitions UDT.

Auto line up selection
If the setting is enabled, the system automatically lines up the location and does not allow the user to select it.

  • This option is used in combination with the production manager.
  • Lined-up locations are sorted by location name.

Additional pick for production (%)
When picking for production without a picklist, the system proposes to pick more than the theoretically needed quantity for the production order.

Allowed production deviation (%)
The allowed deviation of the produced quantity. This is used in combination with the Confirm produced quantity after production setting on the production controller. It checks if the deviation is allowed based on the default quantity to produce. If it is not allowed, a warning is shown during the flow.

Default production quantity
This is the default quantity on a produced logistic unit. This setting is used in combination with the Split produced quantity into logistic units of default size setting on the production controller.

Use for time registration
It indicates if the item is used as a time registration type that can be added to a Bill of Material and a production order. The quantity is in hours.

Weigh Strategy
Before starting the Weigh flow you need to create a weigh order for the given item. The Weigh Order window displays the weight strategy that is defined for the item by the Weight Strategy setting. The weigh strategy can be By order or By item. The weighing room drop-down menu of the Weigh order window displays those weighing rooms that have got the same strategy as the item. (The weigh strategy of the weighing room can be set in the Organizational Stucture.)

During the Weigh Flow, you select a weighing room and then the flow continues based on the strategy of the weighing room. For more information click here.

Weight Capture needed during Production
If the setting is enabled, the product / by-product must be weighed with a scale during production.

  • If the setting is enabled, the system displays the Enter the weight screen during the flows.
  • If the setting is disabled, the system displays the normal Enter the weight produced screen.
  • The setting applies to items that are not managed by serial numbers.
  • If the item is a catch weight item, you can weigh the item after the first quantity has been added.
  • Prerequisites: There is a scale defined for the production line in the Organizational Structure.


Production remarks
You can add production remarks for the item. This is for information only.

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