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 === Default location calculation === === Default location calculation ===
-When the input of the move was an order, the stock can only be moved to the destination location set in the order. +When the location suggestion is enabled for the warehousethe //​Default ​location// is the first suggested location ​calculated based on the logic described in [[implementation:​wms:​locationsuggestions|Location suggestions]]. 
- +  
-When the move was executed without an order, the system will display a default location, but the stock can be moved to any available location. There are two types of the default location calculation based on whether ​the location suggestion ​option ​is enabled for the warehouse ​or not. +When the location suggestion is not enabled ​for the warehouse, the //​Default ​location// is the standard location set for the given warehouse on the [[implementation:​wms:​imd_pmxinv|Produmex Inventory tab]] of the Item Master Data of the item. If the items to move have different ​standard ​location set for the warehouse, no default location ​is displayed.
- +
-When the location ​suggestion option ​is enabled, the default location will be the first suggested location ​and the list of the locations will be sorted according ​the logic described in [[implementation:​wms:​locationsuggestions |8. Location suggestions]].  +
- +
-When the location suggestion ​option ​is not enabled, the default ​location ​will be the standard location set for the item(s) in the Item Master Data. In case of moving ​items with differing ​standard ​locations, no default location ​will be displayed.+
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