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 =====3. Catch weight===== =====3. Catch weight=====
 +With the catch weight function, it is possible to keep track of the stock in two UoM’s. The catch weight settings of an item can be set on the [[implementation:​wms:​imd_pmxcw|Produmex Catch Weight tab]] of the Item Master Data. We recommend the following setup for catch weight items:
 +  * Set the inventory UoM to the lowest sellable unit, eg. pieces, cases in order to avoid rounding issues.
 +  * Set the number of decimals of the inventory UoM to zero. 
 +  * Set the weight as the second UoM.
 +Example: The stock is stored in a case that contains six pieces. If the company only sells cases, the inventory UoM can be ‘piece’ or ‘case’ for this item. But if the company sells pieces as well, the inventory UoM should be pieces. When the UoM would be case, it means that one piece would be 0,16666 cases. This would cause rounding issues during picking/​delivering etc.
 +Please note: Serial managed catch weight items are not supported.
-A second version of catch weight is created. \\ 
-This allows the user to keep track of the stock in 2 UoM’s. The inventory UoM is pieces. The second UoM is weight. \\ 
 Supported functionality:​ Supported functionality:​
   * Purchase Receipt   * Purchase Receipt
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   * Picking for production   * Picking for production
   * Production manager   * Production manager
- +  * Replenishment
-{{page>​catchweight_recommendations}} +
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