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Version 19.1.

Produmex Download Page
Download Version 19.1.

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.2 PL11 (MSSQL 2012, 2016, HANA 122.05)
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL08 HF1 (MSSQL 2017, HANA 122.21)

Note: Older and newer SAP B1 versions will usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Before the upgrade, please check the release notes of the intermediate versions between the current version and the version you would like to upgrade to.

Please make sure that you upgrade the BX Service Broker and its components.

New Functions

  • CR-1284 - Allow changing target Bin Location allocation for Stock Transfer Draft
    Documentation: Configuration Guide / 3.8. Produmex Scan Strategies
  • CR-822 - Define new lines for DataRepeater
    Customization Guide / 1. Customization Technology: 1.2.6. Position Data
    Customization Guide / 7. Manipulating DataRepeater: 7.3. Adding extra lines to screens


  • 1379 - Receiving Bin location incorrectly triggered
  • 1419 - Inventory Counting Multiple UoMs
  • 1475 - Wrong Open Quantity on Sales Order Lines screen after Partial Picking
  • 1476 - Serial Item cannot be picked in Picking process with base document STR
  • 1530 - Incoming Strategy: Allow employee to change target bin location
  • 14523 - Support MSSQL2017
  • 15007 - Remove Produmex license support
  • 15007 - Validate Boyum license when add-on is started
  • 77243 - PL translation fix
  • MOBWHADDON-528 - Batch allocation cannot be changed in Picklist if the batch is allocated in SO
  • MOBWHADDON-587 - Picking process: batch item cannot be picked
  • MOBWHADDON-589 - WH / Bin field not working in Query Stocks Screens, Transfer, Transfer Request in Brazil localization
  • MOBWHADDON-590 - Missing expiration dates when scanning GS1 barcode in Stock Counting process
  • MOBWHADDON-591 - Customization not working: Should use DocEntry instead of DocNum
  • MOBWHADDON-592 - UDF not copied
  • MOBWHADDON-594 - Performance issue in Sales Order process
  • MOBWHADDON-595 - Wrong quantity appears when UOM Factor is configured
  • MOBWHADDON-598 - Custom printing on picking screen running twice
  • MOBWHADDON-600 - Batch Picking error in non-bin manager warehouse
  • MOBWHADDON-603 - Creating a delivery is not possible if only one line is picked from a sales BoM
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


  • The documentation on the offline licensing solution has been upgraded to version 19.1. See documentation Licensing System.
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