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 +=====Version 5.6=====
 +[[http://​​PNG/​PNG_5.6.x.x_builds/​|Download Version 5.6]]
 +  * **Production**
 +    * Support By-products
 +      * Production flow
 +      * Production receipt flow
 +    * Allow to select an SSCC to produce on
 +      * This needs to be an SSCC that has been produced for the current production order
 +  * **Cycle count**
 +    * Support the entry of batch attributes for a new batch on Cycle count flows
 +  * **Picking**
 +    * New print event: Picking After Wave Packed
 +      * Is triggered on the picking flow when a wave is packed
 +      * Key for SQL: @wavekey
 +      * Key for HANA: P_WAVEKEY
 +    * Serial numbers: Show warning if serial number was previously used in a delivery or a pick list. This setting can be enabled in the Serial number controller.
 +  * **Container management**
 +    * Support purchase reserve invoices
 +  * **Inventory**
 +    * New flow //(On a scanner)// for moving goods from a '​non-managed by Produmex'​ warehouse to a '​managed by Produmex'​ warehouse based on a WHS transfer request.\\ The warehouse that is not managed by Produmex needs to be configured to be a '​Transit warehouse'​.
 +  * **KPI**
 +    * On the organizational structure information is shown about the number of empty locations. This is shown for types: Company, Warehouse, Zone.
 +  * **General**
 +    * When the system created a locking for a document based on linked batches, a flag is set on the locking line to know it as made by the system. When removing lockings for this functionality,​ only lockings with that flag set can be used.
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