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Produmex WMS 2021.09

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Tested SAP Business One versions

  • SAP B1 9.3 PL14 32-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL13 64-bit HANA
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2108 64-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2108 64-bit HANA

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Make sure that you do not use SBO10 PL3 (FP2008) or PL4 (FP2011) including any of their hotfixes with Produmex WMS. If you are about to upgrade SAP Business One to a higher PL than we have tested Produmex WMS on, make sure that you always test your Produmex WMS processes in a test SAP environment before you perform the SAP PL upgrade on the live environment. For more information click here.

DB version: 739

DB Branch version: 1

Required Add-On Loader version: 21

Beas-WMS integration: version control items

  • Produmex WMS supports version control items (I-version) during the Reception Flow including items managed by bath number or serial number.
  • Related flows and windows:
    • Reception: No PO Flow
    • Reception: Order Flow
    • Reception: Container
    • Bulk Reception: No PO Flow
    • Bulk Reception: Order Flow
    • ASN Reception Flow (Mobile Client & Open ASN Lines window)
    • Goods Receipt PO window
  • During the flows on the Mobile Client a separate Select the version number screen is displayed.
  • In Produmex WMS you cannot create new version numbers, the system uses the version numbers specified in Beas Manufacturing.
  • When the Good Receipt PO document is generated, you can see the version in Batch Number Transactions Report or Serial Number Transactions Report.
  • ASN Reception:
    • The Interfacing Tool handles the BeasItemVersion column of ASN files.
    • If the imported ASN file does not contain the item version, the system asks for the version number after selecting the item to receive during the ASN Reception Flow.
    • If the imported ASN file contains the item version, the system automatically selects the version number and skips the Select the version number screen.
  • See documentation here.

Supported extra fields in Argentinian database

  • The POI field and the Folio Number From / To fields are supported if the SAP country database is set to Argentina.
  • The POI field is mandatory to be filled in to create documents.
  • On the Mobile Client a separate Enter Folio Numbering is added to the given flows.
  • In the Open ASN Lines window (Produmex menu) the three extra columns are editable. You can fill in the columns, save the data and create Goods receipt PO documents.
  • See documentation here.

Feedback System

  • The Usability Improvement Program tab has been added to the Organizational Structure on company level.
  • The tab is displayed if the Usability Improvement Program setting on the General tab is enabled.
  • The tab contains the following settings:
    • Scheduled time to send data: the exact time of the day when information is sent
    • Send errors only: If the setting is enabled, only errors are sent to Boyum IT.
  • See documentation here.

GS1 Symbology Identifiers

  • Produmex WMS recognizes all AIMs currently defined in the GS1 standard as a GS1 code.
  • Produmex WMS will accept any current or future AIMs.

Bug fixes

N/AProduction receipt - Maximum quantity calculation with more than 100% tolerance
N/AUoM and price are not in sync when creating PO on Mobile Client
N/ADragging a zone into a zone does not check the hierarchy
118568Picklist proposal takes closed order lines into consideration for validation
140275Error while sales return “The maximum quantity is 0. This is not allowed” 2021.09.05
145718Receipt from production not possible after planned quantity has been reached
146502Freight costs are not copied from Sales Return Request to Sales Return
146600Error when trying to perform reception
146686Picklist proposal info: referencing wrong document type
146756Cycle Count - Date Time conversion error on Spanish SQL server
146876Fat client login error: Produmex variable GTIN configuration record and prefix not populated
146935Replenishment Generator removing existing move orders and first move order closing all others
147257Ad-Hoc Picking: performance issue
147646Sales delivery note creation performance issue related to sales BOM items
147711Ad-hoc movement error for consolidated SSCCs
148150Getting error when creating production order using step list
148661Sales BoM lines not being kept together based on stock levels in Pick List Proposal Manager
148851Open Document Report - PMX Sales Shipping - Same row multiple times
148967X closing button disappears after maximizing the Open Sales Orders window
149000RDR12 Info not carrying over at DN creation
149066PDMX Goods Issue Qty issue
149140Goods Receipt Label stored procedure runs onto error
149472Sales-BoM Backorder error
149749Correct Pick List Type settings not used when setting Pick List Type on Business Partner level
149943Booking GRPO with scanner: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
150566Receipt from Production is causing deadlock
150917Picking for Production: removing the SSCC 2021.09.02
150953The length of Item Description is shorter in WMS than the length in SBO 10
151380Archiving database stopped due to error: The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint 2021.09.02
152179Can't receive open PO lines, error 3000005 No open PO lines found 2021.09.06
152200Container management: Modified quantity gets reset after adding new line and lines disappeared after adding a new container with modified quantity 2021.09.03
152279PDMX attributes not prompting in Receive From Whse workflow 2021.09.02
152546Maximum quantity for put away order is incorrect 2021.09.02
153504Cannot pack grouped items in Packing Flow 2021.09.05
153570Production Order inventory locking for components are incorrect 2021.09.05
154311Weighing screen is not showing production order and weigh order numbers 2021.09.06
154595Picklist Proposal Creation via Notification Listener Rounds of the Ordered Quantity 2021.09.06
155091UoM is not correct on receiving screen 2021.09.06
155291Stock / Bin Allocation Issue on Picklist - Make picklist ready before print Not Working detailed level locking is incorrect 2021.09.08
153578Inventory report - perform move cannot be done when the SAP warehouse code is different from PMX warehouse code 2021.09.08
154916Unable to perform move to location LOST in stock report in SAP 2021.09.08
154929Unable to see “inventory transfer request” picklists when additional remarks are added 2021.09.09
156497Picklist proposal cannot be created for non-batch managed item when setting “Prioritize pick locations over bulk locations? (Y/N)” is enabled 2021.09.09
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