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Version 2020.06

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Download version 2020.06

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.3 PL13 MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL13 64-bit HANA
  • SAP B1 10.0 PL2 HANA

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Do not use SBO10 PL3 (FP2008) or PL4 (FP2011) including any of their hotfixes with Produmex WMS.

If you are about to upgrade SAP Business One to a higher PL than we have tested Produmex WMS on, make sure that you always test your Produmex WMS processes in a test SAP environment before you perform the SAP PL upgrade on the live environment. For more information click here.

DB version: 711

DB Branch version: 0

Required Add-On Loader version: 20

SAP Business One 10.0 Support

  • Produmex WMS supports SAP Business One 10.0 on SAP HANA 2.0 and MS SQL Server 2016 and later. MS SQL Server 2019 is supported from product version 2020.06.06.
  • Multi-tenancy is supported by Produmex WMS on SAP HANA 2.0.
    • For the database server adress the DATABASENAME parameter must be used in the Produmex Suite Installer: DBA@< >.
    • Database port: 3<instance number>13 and the default value is 30013.
    • Documentation: Produmex Suite Installer

Add-On Loader Version 20

  • Add-on version 2020.06 and higher are supported by Add-On Loader Version 20.
  • See the Compatibility Matrix here and the add-on registration process here.


  • POI field supported on the Goods Receipt PO screen
    • The POI field is supported on the Goods Receipt PO screen if the SAP country database is set to Argentina.
    • The field is mandatory to be filled in to create a Goods Receipt PO document.
    • When creating Goods Receipt PO documents, the system adds the POI field to the document with a default value of 001. The default value can be customized.
    • Documentation: Goods Receipt PO


  • Box Pick and Pack Flow
    • The new flow has been added to the Sales module of the Mobile Client.
    • It can be used to perform the picking process directly into boxes on a cart.
    • Input: It is based on a single picklist or a wave containing picklists for multiple customers.
    • It always requires the use of a movable location.
    • If a full SSCC is picked, the system keeps the existing SSCC number. If not, the system generates an SSCC number when the first item is picked.
    • When a new SSCC is created, the flow uses the 203 - Picking: Prepare cart: New SSCC created print event.
    • Documentation: Box Pick and Pack Flow
  • Unload Movable Locations to Dock Flow
    • The new flow has been added to the Sales module of the Mobile Client.
    • Input: A fully completed wave in which the status of all the SSCCs is Is ready for packing and the status of all the picklists is Picked.
    • If there are no more SSCCs in the picklist, the status of the picklist is Packed.
    • Auto-shipping: If the Automatic Shipping option is enabled for the shipping type of the Sales Order line, the picklist status is automatically set to Shipped.
    • Print events:
      • 202 - Picking after wave packed
      • 300 - Shipping: sales delivery note created
      • 800 - Sales: invoices added

Picklist Robot - Proposals

  • In addition to Sales Orders, the Picklist Robot supports A/R Reserve Invoices, Inventory Transfer Requests and Production Orders as well.
  • The PMX_PICK_LIST_ROBOT_CREATE_PROPOSALS view unifies the following views:
  • The Picklist Robot duplicates the functionality of the Picklist Proposal Manager:
    • If the result of the PMX_PICK_LIST_ROBOT_CREATE_PROPOSALS view and the selected lines in the Picklist Proposal Manager contain the same document lines, the two different processes generate the same proposals with the same proposal lines.
  • Configuration on the Extension Parameters - The required fields of the view name:
    • DocEntry
    • LineNum (NULL if Production)
    • ObjType
    • DocDueDate
    • CardCode
    • ItemCode
    • ItmsGrpCod
    • PmxWhsCode
    • ProductionLineCode (NULL if Sales or Warehouse Transfer)

Bug fixes

94480Shipping - Missing freight 2 information in Sales Delivery lines
106917Picklist Robot functionality on document line level 2020.06.06
107495Ad Hoc Picking - Show Stock for Location does not calculate with lock for the given picklist 2020.06.06
108183Warehouse Transfer - Logistic Carrier does not appear on the location with the new LUID/SSCC when using Partial Logistic Unit
108228Weighing - Rounding is not using decimals on reception 2020.06.04
108329BEAS-WMS Integration: error during Picking for Production flow on HANA environment
108332Goods Receipt PO - PMX serial number duplication
109116Production Order - Setting Steplist is not always possible and it causes error
109646Production - When stopping production, the branch is not filled in the head in case we issue resource line
110369Print Event 204 does not trigger when using movable locations 2020.06.06
111420Warehouse full logistic unit move with serial numbers error 2020.06.06
111422Purchase Return - does not work for GRPO if the stock is not in the original warehouse 2020.06.07
111599Receipt from Production - chained production - produce and consume item within transaction 2020.06.04
111794Cycle count - items are cleared out when clicking new item by accident 2020.06.09
112045Shipping - Rounding error when creating Delivery Note
112754Picking Master SSCC Issue 2020.06.14
113106Problem with split produced quantity into logistic units of default size during Receipt from Production Flow 2020.06.05
113162Picking - wave picked but blocked 2020.06.07
113163Bulk picking: MakePicklisReady deleted and inserted the row 2020.06.05
113396Production: Materials not issued when finishing production in the Production flow 2020.06.05
113627Produmex scanner unable to produce 2020.06.05
115128Organizational Structure - Error when running 'Export' 2020.06.07
115334Costing when doing a Cycle Count 2020.06.13
115706Adhoc Picking - No locations listed when 'Show stock for location' is checked 2020.06.08
115763Error with new Unload movable locations to dock process 2020.06.16
116376Beas/WMS integration shows a small window in the corner 2020.06.10
N/AProduction Manager: WMS crashes when starting a production order without an assigned production line 2020.06.05
N/ADirect Cycle Count - items on location: catch weight item error 2020.06.06
N/AUnload Movable Locations To Dock - MSDTC error 2020.06.07
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