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Version 19.4

Produmex download page
Download version 19.4

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.3 PL11 MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL10 HANA 122.22

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

DB version: 706

DB Branch version: 0

Required Add-On Loader version: 7

Beas Manufacturing Integration

  • From product version 19.4 Produmex WMS adds support to the logistical needs of Beas Manufacturing 9.3 PL03 and later. Available features in Produmex WMS:
    • Beas-type production lines can be created in the Organizational Structure.
    • The Picking for Production and Pick List for Production flows can be used to pick the components of Beas work orders.
    • The Move to Production Line flow can be used to move the picked components of Beas work orders from the Input Location to a Beas production line.


  • Ad Hoc Picking flow
    • The Allow to select a moveable location during ad hoc picking setting has been added to the picklist controller and if the setting is enabled, the Ad Hoc Picking flow (all tasks) supports the use of movable location.
      • If the setting is enabled, the Other tasks button is displayed on the Scan SSCC or location screen and it is possible to replace the previously selected movable location with another moveable location.
    • The Auto selection of moveable location during picking? setting is now a general setting on the picklist controller (instead of being an All, except Ad Hoc Picking setting).
    • Documentation: Ad Hoc Picking Flow
  • Packing
    • By default, the system groups the items that have the same identical item number, batch1 number and best before date in the displayed packing list.
      • A new button has been added to the screen to ungroup and then regroup these items.
      • If the grouped lines have items managed by serial numbers, the serial numbers must be scanned by picklist lines during the next step in the flow.
      • The functionality applies to the Packing flow, the Item Packing flow and to the Consolidated Packing flow.



  • 50% reduction in performance level can be expected when running the Picklist Proposal Manager on HANA environment.

Bug fixes

N/AOpen Sales Orders - No view for custom extension in HANA
N/APicklist proposal - Due Date is set to 31/12/9999
79458 Printing - Coresuite Report Printer does not support HANA
89392Replenishment - Mixing SSCC and non-SSCC lines cause error
92169 Picking - Shows SSCC from another dock
92612Production Order - Remove button 'Preprint item labels'
93000Shipping - Quantity for Sales BoM is wrong
93105Move does not work for one of 2 similar locations
94480Shipping - Missing freight 2 information in Sales Delivery lines 19_4_1_14
94973Zone picking - Incorrect error in some cases: There is no more item to pick
95091Warehouse Transfer - WMS SSCC appearing on 2 different master SSCCs at once
95381Batch Number Selection - Error in case of Issue for Production
95877ASN - SSCC (LUID) loaded from the ASN should be created if it does not exist in the system
96311Picking - negative stock
97339Logistic Carrier - anomaly
97624Licensing - Handling more than 100 pieces of license caused an error
98195Goods Return - No stock available
98318ASN Reception - Selection of docks is different from standard reception
98401Picking - Full pallet with 2 items and logistic carrier causes negative stock error
Further bugfix:
Picking - The forced Full Pallet Picking does not work correctly as before
98560Receipt from production - Using branches causes error
98725Reception - Container logistic carrier selection does not work well
98938Sales Return - Missing parameter error
98985Delivery Doc Error
99853Picking - SAP serial number should not be used from another warehouse
99995Organizational Structure - Bin Location cannot be deleted or added to another warehouse
101825Goods Receipt - In case of same location and same SSCC defined, different LUIDs can be generated
103143Zone picking - Incorrect error in some cases: There is no more item to pick
104248Picking - Error in case of A/R Reserve Invoice and Auto Invoice
105175Production - Best Before Date is not asked for multi UoM items on reception
106367Shipping - Wrong line quantity in case of Sales BoM
106563Production - Overpicking is not possible with Continuous Picking
106978Production - Time Registration with Resources throws an error
108183Warehouse Transfer - Logistic Carrier does not appear on the location with the new LUID/SSCC when using Partial Logistic Unit 19_4_1_20
108228Weighing - Rounding is not using decimals on reception 19_4_1_23
108329BEAS - WMS integration: error during Picking for Production flow on HANA environment PNG_19_4_1_16/
108332Goods Receipt PO - PMX serial number duplication 19_4_1_14
109116Production Order - Setting Steplist is not always possible and it causes error 19_4_1_11
109646Production - When stopping production, the branch is not filled in the head in case we issue resource line 19_4_1_20
112045Shipping - Rounding error when creating Delivery Note 19_4_1_21
113106Problem with split produced quantity into logistic units of default size during Receipt from Production Flow 19_4_1_25
113162Picking - wave picked but blocked 19_4_1_27
113163Bulk picking: MakePicklisReady deleted and inserted the row 19_4_1_25
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