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Version 19.2

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Optimization and Performance


  • Produmex WMS single database: Upgrading to Produmex WMS 19.2 removes the need for an extra PMX database.
  • Added indexes: A new index was added to PMX_MVLI.

Document Handling

  • XML DI API method is now the only method used for adding SAP documents. This affects both documents used in B1 client and scanner.


  • Zone Picking Flow: When a zone contained several locations, the Zone Picking flow on the scanner was slow to show the next screen.

New Features

Serial Number Support

  • Serial number support has been extended to functions.
  • See documentation Serial Number Support.
  • Note: Certain processes do not fully support serial numbers yet, those processes will be covered in future releases.


  • Serial number management by Receipt from Production Flow - scanner:
    • Produce:
      • When the scanner proceeds to consume the serial numbers to be used for production, you can go back to the Select a Production Order screen again and
        • (1) if the planned quantity has not been produced and there is not enough material on the production line, an error message is displayed,
        • (2) if the planned quantity has been produced and there is no more material on the production line, the system proceeds to consume,
        • (3) if the planned quantity has been produced and there is still material on the production line to be used, a new screen Select a Task is displayed with buttons Produce and Stop Production:
          • With the Produce button you can enter another serial number to be produced.
          • With the Stop Production button you can proceed with material consumption.
    • Consume:
      • If there is more than one item managed by serial number, any serial number from any of the reserved logistic units can be used.
      • A new screen Consume… is displayed during the material consumption process.
      • When scanning the serial numbers, an information icon (i) is displayed on the Scan a Serial Number screen. When clicking the icon, the SSCC numbers are displayed in a shortened form.


  • Ad Hoc Picking (Pick List task)
    • Feature 1: Express Ad Hoc Picking
      Setting Express Ad Hoc Picking has been added to the Pick List Controller. If the setting is enabled, steps Scan SSCC, Scan Location, and Product are skipped. After selecting a product, the flow continues with step Enter Quantity.
    • Feature 2: Recognize GTIN (AI 02) when scanning an SSCC.
      During step Select a Product, it is possible to scan the GTIN (AI 02) of the product instead of scanning or selecting it from the list. In this case, after scanning a valid code, step Scan SSCC / Scan Location and Product is skipped and the flow continues with step Enter Quantity.
  • Production line - Lock Item Picked to this Location setting (OSE): When using production lines, the function locking items picked to this location now also works with pick lists.

Other Changes


  • Produmex WMS 19.2 requires License Server version 19.2+ and does not work with previous License Server versions.
    • Note: Upgrading the License Server to version 19.2 is a one-time operation, that is, future add-on versions are expected to work with License Server 19.2. However, the License Service version is recommended to match the add-on version because of possible changes in the future.
  • Logo Update: Produmex WMS uses the official Boyum IT product logo.
  • HANA Report Setting Tool - layout has been changed.
  • Migration tool enforces the creation of db constraints.

Additional Documentation


75477 Cycle counting: In some scenarios BBD is recorded into PMX_ITRI table, while the item does not have a BBD. (Auto select batch on mono lot pallet = true)
76937 Shipping: Upon enabling configuration to ask tracking number, an error is thrown when creating the sales delivery: Property 'TrackNo' of 'Document' is invalid.
77135 Cash register packing: Shelf life is not taken into account.
77143 Container management: ETA calculation is not correct when delivery type is changed.
77445 Mobile packing: Query to get customers does not work on HANA.
78337 Picking / Skip items: In some cases skipping items resulted in the following error:
Error 3000419: Quantity: xxx and number of uom decimals: y are not compatible for picklist proposal line DocEntry: zzz, LineNum: aaa, Item: bbb
This is because of usage of double. 9.52 - 1.12 = 8.39999999999986 (and not 8.4)
78476 Production: Batch and BBD generator does not work for disassembly orders.
78534 Button No Moveable Location does not appear on production wave.
78624 Production receipt flow throws error: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
This happens for the second production order that is being received, when the finished item is different from the finished item of the first production order.
78795 Purchase Order: Print SSCC does not work on HANA.
79294 Move form: Unable to enter data in the move form.
79376 Picking: Incorrect error message when BP is frozen.
79393 Pick List Proposal: NotificationListener NullReferenceException
79379 Packing: Empty line is created in packing slip
79698 Reception: When receiving PO, the scanner is stuck (infinite loop) in case another user continues the reception.
79796 Select Wave screen: Remain the focus on text field after showing the error message.
79903 Replenishment: No maximum quantity during replenishment move
80184 DB Upgrade: ValidValue error when upgrading from an old version (6.0, 6.2, etc.).
80426 Purchase Return Workflow: Bad quantity calculation during the Purchase Return if the item has multiple UoMs.
80790 Picking: Upon picking full mixed pallet with serial and non-serial items, the system throws an exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
81171 3PL Storage charges calculation.
81502 ScaleComm service: The scale does not return a value.
81968 Production: Receipt from Production (Consume) - Allow to choose more serials from different LUIDs
82080 Pick list: Exception occurred when parent of Select Alternate Stock screen was already closed
82096 Sales Delivery Note creation: Non inventory item is not moved to delivery from sales order.
82125 Open documents report: Make buttons larger so text fits the button in other languages.
82317 Performance: Added index on PMX_MVLI
83016 Ad Hoc Picking: Sales UoM is not shown.
83575 Packing script: Fixing the query of non-inventory items
83621 Picking: Rounding error during picking when creating the Proposal
83675 Picking: Rounding error when checking if the quantity reached the maximum
83767 Weigh: Invalid step on finish
83775 Can Contain Allergen checkbox is not saved (Item Master Data > Produmex > Attributes).
83884 Multi-Picking: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types.
83887 Reception: When splitting to more logistic units, the received quantity is subtracted only once from the item quantity.
83987 Picking: Missing batch number 2 in Select Alternate Stock screen
84030 Receiving by Purchase Order: error receiving – no open Purchase Order lines found for item if it is identified by barcode.
84109 Picking: Label is not printed for the last Master SSCC
84425 Printing too many SSCC reports causes add-on disconnection.
84705, 85672 Multi-Picking error in Produmex WMS 19.1: Incorrect operation after Enter-Quantity step
84833Printing: SP for GoodsReceiptLabel bug when using UOM2
85658 Picking script: incorrect quantity is calculated for items with UoM groups during step Enter Quantity.
86690 Extending HANA migration tool with creating/updating all PMX table constraints
86795 Route: Delivery grouping option does not work.
87028 Barcode: SSCC is always validated even if it is not needed.
87231 Shipping: Delivery per Picklist does not work well
87374 Picklist: Problem to Close Picklist when produce in whse 01 and consume goods at whse 02
87428 Shipping: Convert Sales Shipping document to SAP Sales Delivery Note - Error when using serial numbers
87882 Cycle Count: Price list issue PNG_19_2_1_45
87899 Organizational Structure - Error when executing EXPORT PNG_19_2_1_45
87965 Weighing: Tolerance quantity was wrong
88870 Logistic label: HANA Error on reprint logistic label: invalid column name: INTERNALKEY
88947 Prepare carts: HANA error when selecting picklists
88609 Container Management: Switching to AP Reserve Invoice throws an error
89097 Production: Lined-up location consumption failure
89896 Picking: Picklist Proposal - Wrong PickListQuantity when skipping item
90492Sales Delivery - Not passing Sales BoM parent as reference PNG_19_2_1_45
91358Shipping - Error when posting delivery with BoM after packing PNG_19_2_1_45

Known Issues

Medium Impact bugs

3768 ASN Reception - QuantityPerUom error on FlatClient
3753 Packing - The pick list line has status 'Packed' but has no open quantity'
3964 Import Tool - BatchAttributeCode length is 30 instead of 50 in the PMX_IBAT
4112 Error when posting delivery with BoM, after packing
2963 Reception - Scanning a serial number accepts invalid barcodes
3147 Receipt from Production - error 41027 mobile client
3680 Move to production line - Serial number item with track location error
3769 ASN Reception - Serial number import is not working on interfacing tool

Low Impact bugs

1958 Packing - Changed behavior
4061 Replenishment - Algorithm ignores already existing stock in non-pick location
2729 Import Tool - OSE import error
2733 Return requests - Cannot be converted into a return
2500 Reporting - XML file not being generated in case of CoreSuite configuration
2920 A/R Invoice - Negative inventory
3112 Open Sales Orders - No view for custom extension
3113 Pick List Proposal Manager - 'No Proposal' message doesn't appear if the base is Production
3211 Replenishment - Mixing SSCC and non-SSCC lines cause error
3416 Printing - CoresuiteReportPrinter doesn't support HANA
3458 Archiving - Deadlocks and Performance issues
3771 Shipping - after shipping there are still locks for the closed picklist
3993 Reception - Barcode issue
4110 Move to production line - Quantities are not always updated
4172 Picking - Shows sscc from another dock
4185 Production Order - Remove button 'Preprint item labels'
3101 Consolidation Packing - order is different form picking order
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