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Version 19.1

Download Version 19.1

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.3 PL08 (MSSQL 2012 and HANA 122.21)

Note: Older and newer SAP B1 versions will usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Produmex WMS has been integrated with the Boyum license portal.
This means that a new license file needs to be requested using the Boyum license portal.
The license module will retrieve automatically the license from the portal.

Please note that from version 18.3 Produmex WMS supports 9.2 Patch level 5 and later for SAP B1.

DB version: 695

DB Branch version: 0

Required Add-On Loader version: 7


  • Picking
    • Alternate picking: Added possibility to force the user to use the first available batch (Ordered on FEFO).
      If the batch is stored on several locations /SSCC/, the user can still choose from where he wants to pick the stock.
      Configurable on the Pick list controller.
      This option cannot be combined with 'Ad hoc alternate picking'.
      • Documentation: All, except Ad hoc picking / Force first available batch on selecting alternate item? (Y/N) in Configuration guide / Picklist controller.
    • Prepare carts
      • Documentation:
        (1) Configuration guide / Controller
        (2) Prepare carts flow: Functional guide / 19.3. Prepare Carts Flow
        (3) Print event: 203 - Picking: Prepare cart: New SSCC created - see List of Print Events
      • Adjusted flow to support multiple 'picking logistic units'.
      • Packing: When a pick list has been prepared using the Prepare Carts flow, the SSCC that was used during picking is kept. This also means that the packing step needs to pack all goods for this SSCC at once.
        Documentation: Functional Guide / 9.2.2. Consolidated Packing Flow (keeping SSCC number)
    • Wave selection: Added possibility to limit the waves that can be selected on the scanner.
      Available in the flows Picking and Multi-picking.
      This can be configured on the Pick list controller.
      Documentation: Picking / Multi-picking in Configuration guide / controller
  • Packing
    • Added new hook flow: AfterLogisticUnitFinishedPacking
      This flow is executed after the logistic label is printed.
      This new hook flow is similar to the existing hook flow AfterLUIDPacked, which is executed before the labels are printed.
    • Added new hook flow: BeforeFinishLUIDPacking
      This new hook flow is executed before performing the tasks to finish a logistic unit.


  • ASN: Added default ASN import to be able to import .CSV files.
    Documentation: Configuration guide / Interface for PMX Advance Shipping Notice im-/export and Functional guide /18.3.2. ASN template for importing


  • Added more WITH(NOLOCK) hints in
    • PMX_SP_TransactionNotificationStock


  • Location
    • A new field 'Verification Code' has been added to a BIN Location.
      On the FAT client it will be possible to scan either the 'Location Code' or the 'Verification Code'.
      The Verification Code will not be visible on the FAT client.
      Documentation: Configuration guide / 5.2.6. Bin settings
  • New version of the tool to create 64 bit Crystal reports for HANA. This new version supports the new Crystal reports version.
    Documentation: Hana Report Setting Tool
  • Route maps

Additional documentation

  • Configuration Guide / 5.1.15. Archiving


  • 55850 - Bulk shipping locations are limited, no reason is provided.
  • 55848 - When configuration is enabled to ask for tracking number, an error message is displayed upon creating the sales delivery.
  • 55846 - Validate the field ID on the latest SAP B1 version
  • 55842 - Wrong stock on global information screen
  • 55841 - Incorrect expected date of arrival - open document report and container management
  • 55834 - Sales Order field remark disappears
  • 55833 - Import CMD - serialization
  • 55830 - Cycle Count: unable to confirm empty count for empty location
  • 55829 - Incorrect label quantity in replenishment script
  • 55825 - PDMX issue on pick list: pick list line duplicated
  • 55815 - Warehouse filter is missing from Consolidated move.
  • 55814 - Produmex Quality: Connection to company failed
  • 55813 - Dead link golden arrow - locked quantity screen
  • 55809 - BUG WMS Inventory report: add locking
  • 55806 - Error when migrating to HANA 9.3 2019
  • 55805 - Error 21000: There was an exception when invoking the method '<Execute> b__14'.
  • 55800 - Produmex GTIN Barcode Check Hard-Coded
  • 55798 - Produmex Quality causing device to fail on GRNPO
  • 55794 - Scanning GS 1 label with code containing AI (01) causes error
  • 55793 - 3PL invoicing
  • 55784 - Receive from warehouse script: 2 bugs with identical logistic units
  • 55777 - Issue with KPI Reports
  • 55776 - Possible issue with routes map
  • 55772 - Prepare carts script - remove inventory check on SSCC
  • 55760 - Receive from WHS: Error when item is scanned instead of selected
  • 55759 - Stock selection does not work on production issue
  • 55745 - Purchase return does not work for uom group when selecting delivery with the same item with different UOM
  • 55743 - Item master data/Prices tab: Radio button not correct when selecting alternate supplier
  • 55735 - Select Stock button displayed on all tabs
  • 55734 - Cash register packing does not work.
  • 55714 - Unable to attach route to container
  • 55708 - Focus when copy to invoice
  • 55707 - Robot for Execute SQL scripts
  • 55706 - Error when upgrading database - invalid table PMX_SNPL
  • 55703 - Packing flow: ready for shipping set to Yes instead of No when ready for picking
  • 55697 - Packing line cannot be destination for picking.
  • 55694 - Error while installating PMX WMS
  • 55693 - Packing Station not packing one line
  • 90492 - Sales Delivery - Not passing Sales BoM parent as reference 19_1_1_76
  • 91358 - Shipping - Error when posting delivery with BoM after packing 19_1_1_76
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