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 +====== Set up Password Protected Login for Produmex PDC ======
 +Add a new PDC Password user field to the Employee Master Data table.
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdcpassword:​01_udf_management.png |UDF Management}}
 +Set the password on this field.
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdcpassword:​02_pdc_password.png |PDC Password}}
 +Open Produmex Manufacturing settings. ​ Set the new user field as the ’Employee Card Code Field’ on the PDC tab.
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdcpassword:​03_produmex_manufacturing_settings.png |Produmex Manufacturing settings}}
 +Enable the ‘Login is Password protected’ setting on the Thin Client 2 tab.
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdcpassword:​04_produmex_manufacturing_settings.png |Produmex Manufacturing settings}}
 +In order to login on the terminal, the employee has to enter the password instead of the employee number.
 +{{ :​implementation:​manufacturing:​confguide:​pdcpassword:​05_login.png |Login}}
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